ApiTrace Partnership Formalised with Africa Apiculture Consortium

February 16, 2022

On 16th February 2022, the ApiTrace partnership between Bee.Watch Ltd and Africa Apiculture Consortium was formalised after three years of collaboration between the organisations.

The Africa Apiculture Consortium and its parent organisation, The Source Plus have extensive experience in delivering Agri-Tech innovations across Africa. The Source Plus is a member of the UN Global Compact and the Africa Apiculture Consortium have 11 member countries.

Bee.Watch Ltd is a sister company to uWatch. The directors are experienced in niche IT applications and developed the apiary management system ApiTrace.

Bee.Watch Ltd also patented an innovation-award winning hive entrance called the Upstairs Downstairs Hive Intrance, now distributed in Africa as part of the African Langstroth Hive.

The overall objective of the ApiTrace Partnership is to make Africa the worlds 4th largest honey exporter behind China, India and Argentina but the worlds #1 exporter of contaminant free honey. This is achievable because this continent-wide rural and domestically based industry already exists, it just lacks a cohesive traceable route to market. By localising the apiary management system Bee.Watch, ApiTrace will bring the market for traceable and exportable honey to rural communities, making high-quality, the bitcoin tumbler contaminant-free honey a cash crop with the aims to alleviate poverty and gender inequality across the sub-Saharan region while addressing 14 of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals.