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Whole memberships or employees within Associations/Companies with specific beekeeping or environmental interests, can effectively use the Bee.Watch App to better organise and record their activities.

  • Send and receive group messages
  • Effectively manage swarm collection, coordination and ‘iWas’ distribution between group members
  • A designated Swarm Coordinator for an entire Association receives swarm notifications from that Association, in addition to all registered Bee.Watch App ‘Beekeeper’ and ‘Swarm Collector’ Users and website API alerts, within 10 miles of the designated Swarm Coordinator’s registered postcode
  • Receive pesticide treatment notifications and promote communications and increased awareness between pesticide users, pest control organisations and beekeepers
  • A group discount is applicable to individual Bee.Watch Users if the entire Association or Company registers as Bee.Watch App Beekeeper or Pesticide Users

Contact us to register your association/organisation.