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First 6 QR codes hive labels included FREE
Data is securely stored on an ISO27001 approved host

QR code labels

  • Printed on weather resistant labels
  • Either stick directly to your untreated hives or stick to hard backed discs (provided Separately) and screw to your hive for easily removal.

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Simply scan your hives QR code to access your hive records from the comfort of your phone.
See beekeeper in action and find how to videos here: link to youtube

Other applications in this series

  • Non-Beekeeper: Pesticide Management App

    • Manage all your pesticide treatments
    • Includes Eco-Toxicity reports
    • Excel spreadsheet exports
  • Swarm watch:
    • Embedded API on your website
    • Alerts of all notifications to your phone
    • Adopt a notification without phone calls

Developing a comprehensive Honey Value Chain for Kenya


Partnering with the Africa Honey Consortium:

Bee.Watch has been developed for Kenya

Referred to as ApiTrace it is part of the management system in the Livestock 2021 Bill currently going through the Kenyan parliament

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