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Would you like to map and report environmental observations and receive pesticide alerts in your local area? Subscribe to Bystander today! The integrated smartphone app for the citizen scientist.

Our impact and specifically that of climate change on biodiversity and the local environment varies in different locations. Changes often happen quickly, so comparing incidents regularly can help us to better understand the challenges our environment faces.

The Bystander app links residents with local commercial pesticide users, beekeepers and their biodiversity in real time. Real time reporting of environmental events is key to providing nationwide data.

The Bystander app captures picture, location, date, time, vector (direction) and notes, allowing that data to be immediately posted on social media or emailed to the appropriate environmental association; such as birds to the RSPB, bumblebees to the BCT; and Japanese Knot-weed to the Non-Native Species Secretariat.

Photograph and map the GPS location of all observations of environmental interest directly from your phone such as notifiable species, like the Asian hornet.

View all sightings recorded on your web page (access this by visiting our website, then select ‘Login!’ and ‘BeeWatch’, enter your account login details).