With Eco-Toxicity reports

from the Pesticide Properties database

  • Personalise products and tank mixes
  • Schedule
  • Anonymously alert pesticide usage
  • Eco-toxicity indication
  • Export and Print personalised reports
  • Treatment map
  • Weather forecasts
Data is securely stored on an ISO27001 approved host

Personalise treatments

Includes Products and tank mixes

Eco-toxicity details and alerts

Links to the University of Hertfordshire’s Pesticide Properties database.

alerts Bee.Watch Beekeeper users in 5 mile radius

Screenshots of app

Other applications in this series

  • Beekeeper: Hive record and Apiary Management
    • QR coded hive labels
    • Record individual hive records
    • Manage your apiary
    • receive pesticide treatments notifications from Bee.Watch Non-Beekeeper users.
      • Includes Eco-Toxicity reports
    • Excel spreadsheet exports
  • Pest watch:
    • Embedded API on your website
    • Alerts of all notifications to your phone
    • Adopt a notification without phone calls