Co-ordinate the pest callouts without phone calls

website API alerts straight to your phone

  • Seasonal geospatial Big Data
  • no phone calls
  • Less work for the co-ordinator
    • with Pest status indication markers

Bespoke embedded API on your website

  • Includes photos
  • Alerts bee.Watch beekeepers in a 10 mile radius
  • No Phone calls
  • Installed in 24 hrs

Free swarm co-ordinator account

  • Downloadable seasonal geospatial “Big Data
  • Oversee collection success
    • with swarm status indication markers
Combine with Non-Beekeeper accounts for full co-ordination without phone calls
Data is securely stored on an ISO27001 approved host

Screenshots of app

Find out more about Pest watch here

Other applications in this series

  • Non-Beekeeper: Pesticide Management App
    • Manage all your pesticide treatments
    • Includes Eco-Toxicity reports
    • Excel spreadsheet exports