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Bee.watch features for all users

  • Send swarm alerts instantly to swarm collectors, including picture, location and contact details, without the need for telephone calls
  • Record target or invasive species with date, time, location and picture, such as Asian hornets, Japanese knot weed or a Citizen Science survey.
  • Send and receive group messages.

Bystanders +

  • Instantly receive notifications of where and what pesticides are being used + an indication of their toxicity.

Beekeepers/swarm collectors +

  • Keep apiary records including pictures.
  • Report colony losses, note varroa treatments and hive inspections, created by the app with more details added later via the web page,
  • Receive swarm alerts instantly from anyone, be it the general public (bystanders) farmers, pest controllers or other beekeepers.
  • Receive and map proposed pesticide treatments.

Non-Beekeepers/pesticide users +

  • Instantly inform beekeepers and bystanders of treatments, when and where. This will send an alert to their smartphones or computer.
  • Send swarm alerts especially as a pest controller called out to wasps, that turn out to be honeybees.
  • Edit treatment records export details to other systems.

Corporate Members +

  • companies with multiple employees can centrally receive alerts and track progress in collecting swarms.
and Swarm Coordinators?

Interactive web pages for Swarm Co-coordinators

The Swarm Harvest module provides an interactive map for swarm coordinators which tracks swarms in the process of being collected highlighting their status, who is collecting them and any that are being left. It reduces telephone calls by 80% and speeds up this valuable natural harvest. Local BKA Swarm coordinators should contact us to register as this function is free of charge.

Bee.Watch Features
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    Record treatments

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    Swarm alerts

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    Spray reports

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    Messaging system

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    Instant pesticide alerts

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    Track and record species

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    Report colony losses

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    Hive inspections

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    Interactive maps

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    App and webpages

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    Environmental Data