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Patented Technology     Easy to install
Over 3000 UD intrances installled Worldwide
Starter Kit
Upgrade 1 Hive
Instructions: 4 intrances, ventilation plugs blank plugs, screws and screwdriver. Sawtoothed forster bit

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Add-on Kit
Upgrade 1 Hive
Intructions: 4 intrances, ventilation plugs blank plugs,screws and screwdriver.

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Small Apiary Kit
Upgrade 10 Hive
Intructions: 40 intrances, ventilation plugs blank plugs,screws and screwdriver.

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The entrances size is critical for colony health, defence and pest management

Top Entrance

Provides air flow to stop condensation Direct access to honey stores in super Conserves the foragers energy Reduces traffic through the brood box
Baffled intrance makes cold way warm way Doesn’t allow anything over 7mm through

Less surface area for guard bees to protect 360 guard bee protection

Using the Upstaires Downstaires Kit:

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Treat for varroa with out opening the hive
Easy splits
unevntilated roof
Basement box
provides drought free space for brood
Solid floor
reduce the queen’s motivation to move up through the hive

UD Hive trials in Africa:

In collaboration with the Africa Honey consortuim

The African Langstroth: to combat large hive beetie and other benefits
In the workshop in Nariobi
First Apiary
Partnership With Kenya Agriculture Research Orgnisation

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