Hive Management System

Uses a QR (2- dimensional barcode) codes :

Printed on weather resistant labels. Can be stuck directly to untreated hives or onto a hive identification disc (HID) screwed to the hive To uniquely identify each hive and that hives’ inpection records which includes:

Apiary details including the ability to move and treat whole apiaries Plus for each hive:

Colony loses Treatments Inspections To-Do list Also includes a swarm reporting and collection feature, if required. And a tracking reporting feature for notifiable observations such as Asian hornets.

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All Users

  • Are supplied with
    • A number of QR codes unique to their account
    • An access code to activate their account on their smartphone and computer etc.
  • Each account includes:
    • The ability to Record unlimited apiary locations and details on a map
      • With the capacity to treat or move whole apiaries
    • Manage colony inspections (image)
      • Including colony losses
      • Treatments
      • Hive movements
      • Create to-do lists ( check you
        to do list to prepare for
        inspections, only inspect those
        hives necessary)
  • Receive mapped local pesticide treatment
    notifications from local pesticide users on the system
  • View eco-toxicity ‘traffic lights’ for each active
    ingredients on various species
    • With links to the University of
      Hertfordshire’s Pesticide Properties Database
  • Export all data on an excel spreadsheet
  • Send and receive Swarm alerts without telephone calls.
  • Track , map and report environmental observations including notifiable species such
    as Asian hornet or endangered species

1 - 6 Hives: Beekeeper + Buy now

Record and store data for up to 6 hives with unlimited apiary locations Perfect for new beekeepers and those with a small number of hives

7 - 50 Hives: Beekeeper + Buy now 

Record and store data for up to 50 hives with unlimited apiary locations Ideal for associations with teaching apiaries, addicted amateurs and those with a larger number of hives!

50 + Hives: Beekeeper + Buy now

Record and store data for more than 50 hives with unlimited apiary locations Suited to bee farmers and those with a large number of hives. Please contact us for more information. Hive Identification Discs (HID)

The HID use a Quick Response (QR) 2-dimensional bar code to individually label any hive. The Bee.Watch app contains an embedded QR code reader that allows a smartphone to identify each labelled hive.  The QR codes are printed on weather resistant labels which have marine grade glue. The QR Code labels can be stuck directly onto untreated hives or onto a HID which is screwed to the hive. The QR code should be attached to the front or the back of the brood box and there is no necessity to remove it.

The Bee.Watch app will only identify the User's own HID. If a hive registered to another Bee.Watch beekeeper is scanned, the app will report an error. When the app reads the hive's QR code, it either creates a new hive record in the apiary or allows existing colony details to be updated or viewed such as 'To-Do' lists and previous inspection data. 6 hive label QR codes are printed per sheet.  

Bystander App

For the public who would like to map and report environmental observations and receive pesticide alerts.

    • Photograph and map via GPS location all observations of environmental
        • Such as notifiable species, such as the Asian

    • View all sighting recorded on User’s web page:

  • Become a citizen scientist

Bee.Watch ‘Pesticide User’

Notify beekeepers and bystanders of pesticide use

  • Personalise pesticide active ingredients, products and tank mixes

  • Schedule and anonymously send pesticide treatments alerts

  • Pesticide eco-toxicity indication and analysis via link to Pesticide Property Database for each active ingredient

  • Pesticide treatment map and weather forecasts

  • Print personalised reports of all personal pesticide treatments

  • Send swarm alerts

  • Track/record invasive/seasonal species of fauna and flora

  • Escalate information to any environmental organisation.

  • Available for iOS/Android App, personal webpage account

  • PC, smartphone and tablets

Associations and Companies

Whole memberships or employees within Associations/Companies with specific beekeeping or environmental interests, can effectively use the Bee.Watch App to better organise and record their activities.

  • Send and receive group messages
  • Effectively manage swarm collection, coordination and ‘iWas’ distribution between group members
  • A designated Swarm Coordinator for an entire Association receives swarm notifications from that Association, in addition to all registered Bee.Watch App ‘Beekeeper’ and ‘Swarm Collector’ Users and website API alerts, within 10 miles of the designated Swarm Coordinator’s registered postcode
  • Receive pesticide treatment notifications and promote communications and increased awareness between pesticide users, pest control organisations and beekeepers
  • A group discount is applicable to individual Bee.Watch Users if the entire Association or Company registers as Bee.Watch App Beekeeper or Pesticide Users

Contact us to register your association/organisation.

Bee.Watch `Swarm Coordinator`

  • Real Time Interactive map of all Bee.Watch reported swarms (via App and website API) within BKA domain.
  • Manage swam notifications in real-time without telephone calls.
  • Identify swarms available for collection, active swarm collectors and unallocated swarms.
  • Register individual Bee Watch swarm collectors within your team
  • View i Want A Swarm (WAS) requests.
  • Capture summarise and map valuable geographical data of swarm occurrences and feral colonies within the interactive map.

Bee.Watch `Spray Liaison`

  • Interactive map of all Bee.Watch pesticide treatments within BKA
  • Users include spray contractors, pesticide users with treatment in
    multiple locations, landowners and beekeeper associations.

Web masters

`Report a Swarm` website Application Programming Interface (API)

Easy to use website APP Install it on your website to allow.

  • Website visitors to Report Swarms, wasps, rats and any invasive species
    of fauna or flora.
  • API alerts sent to all Bee Watch Swarm collectors within 10 miles of the
    reported location
  • Increase website traffic and working relationship between Bee Keepers
    and local Pest Controllers