What does Bee.Watch do?

It engages the whole community to record and share environmental information about :

  • Hive health
  • Pesticide use
  • Honey bee swarms
  • Notifiable species

Why use Bee.Watch?

To help beekeepers help bees.

Recording, collecting and sharing important information on honeybees and their environment can provide an insight into bee populations and health, whilst helping national planning to protect our invaluable pollinators.




                    !!!TODAY is the DAY!!!

                   !Hive invention release!

For more information please go to                   BeeSpacex.com  or come visit us at The National Honey Show on Thursday!



           release tomorrow!

If you would like to know more come and meet BeeSpace at the New innovation area at the National Honey Show on 24th October, or find us at stand 34.


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8 hours ago

🐝Today is the Day!! 🐝
🐝Hive invention release🐝
for more information please go to Beespacex.com

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