What does Bee.Watch do?

It engages the whole community to record and share environmental information about :

  • Hive health
  • Pesticide use
  • Honey bee swarms
  • Notifiable species

Why use Bee.Watch?

Help beekeepers help bees / become a citizen scientist.

Recording, collating and sharing important information on honeybees and the environment including invasive and endangered species, can help national planning to protect our environment.




         Buy an eco gift for Christmas!!


Turn your phone into a tool for citizen science, with the Bee.Watch bystander app and record, report and view all your environmental sightings!

Read about us in next month’s “Grow your own” magazine, and come find us in the New Year at the Bee Trade Exhibition in March.



                               Meeting with the

                        Mid Cheshire Beekeepers


It’s always really good to meet with interesting like-minded people




                  Beespacex WIN second prize

Thank you to  The National Honey Show for putting on such a great event. We met so many inspiring beekeepers and will be following up on all our contacts this week.





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🎄🐝🎄CHRISTMAS is coming🎄🐝🎄

The amazing beekeeper from beespacex.com is offering Beekeeping experiences in South Oxfordshire! for £79.