Vespa velutina ASIAN HORNET WEEK

Bee.Watch users can report any sightings directly from their app.  Keep your eyes peeled for this invasive non-native species.

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23 hours ago

Join us in the sweet celebration of all things honey at the #WoburnHoneyFestival on Sunday 22nd September

4 days ago
Beekeepers are suing the Trump administration over its decision to use more harmful insecticides

‘EPA is harming not just the beekeepers, their livelihood, and bees, but the nation’s food system’

6 days ago

Buzz on down to #WoburnHoneyFestival on Sunday 22nd September. Looking forward to seeing you there.
#WoburnHoneyFestival #bees #honey #beekeeping

1 week ago

Weekend forgaging. Which without bees wouldn't be possible🐝!