The start of a honey traceability system in Kenya with all hives in this apiary fitted with the first ApiTrace QR codes.



The first Bee.Watch QR code put on an African Langstroth (Upstairs Downstairs Intrances fitted) in Kenya.



Today is #WorldBeeDay. We will be speaking at the Africa Honey Consortium virtual conference about our ApiTrace system, a global honey perspective & pest and pesticide control. 🌍



Government responds to the Small Hive Beetle Petition:
“We recognise the serious threat posed by small hive beetle. EU areas affected by this pest are not permitted to export to the UK. Strict controls apply to imports into the UK from other areas”.



Honey is the bee’s knees! Did you spot us in the Bee Special of the May 2021 edition of Country Gardener? Our founder and director, Norman Guiver, discusses ‘Is the modern hive really right for bees?’.




Excitement is building as the first batch of QR codes have been sent to Africa, to be installed on the African Langstroth, fitted with our Upstairs Downstairs Intrances, defending against the large African Hive Beetle. The hives in this apiary in Embu are surrounded by orange, lemon, pawpaw and banana trees.




Today is #EarthDay

Growing the number of pollinating insects is essential in our fight for a more sustainable planet!

Take a look at this guide, created by Earth Day, sharing how to make your garden a place where bees and other pollinators can thrive.



#Phones4Bees. The third apiary in Embu fitted with our Upstairs Downstairs Intrances, more are being installed this week.




Have you signed the petition to stop the importation of honey bees? Unrestricted movement of bees could allow Small Hive Beetle to arrive and devastate British beekeeping.



The oldest evidence of modern bees found in Argentina.




News you may have missed!

Worlds biggest bee found still in existence.



Grass cutting initiative by Oxford City Council to encourage biodiversity



The patent is published for “Upstairs Downstairs Intrances” as the number of users reaches the 1000s.

Patent number GB2586263



Two varying perspectives on the ban of bee imports represented in “The Guardian” from the  BBKA  and a Beekeeper.

Where do you stand?



“Quarter of all known bees ‘not seen since 1990

A sad statistics, especially as bees, are a good indicator species for other insect populations.



Interesting article on worldwide bee statistics and understanding bee decline.



2020 was a bad year for Asian Giant Hornets in Washington state and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Read here for more information


  BeeTradex postponed

We are sad to learn that BeeTradex has been postponed.  this will be a big blow for the Beekeeping community, ourselves included.

We hope that again soon we will again be able to share our beekeeping experiences / knowledge and buy the best beekeeping supplies at this great event.

We hope you all stay safe and well and are able to have a good New Year celebration.





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