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The Upstairs Downstairs Hive Intrance easily retrofits to any single walled hive and gives bees a hive entrance they understand and can easily defend.

Swarm Co-ordinator
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Free 1 month trial must start by 31st January 2023. Trial and existing Bee.watch users can send and receive swarm alerts, To test the API go to www.Bee.Watch and “Report a Swarm”

Bee.Watch free trial

Free 2 month trial must start by 31st January, available in 10 languages, contact us to put it into your language. Include Swarm notification and collection without telephone calls

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Bee.Watch is based in South Oxfordshire where we keep and manage our own apiary and hives for beekeeping research. Bee.Watch has developed the most comprehensive Apiary Management and Hive Record Keeping system on the market and provides support through the app and by telephone for all registered users.

Linked to the uWatch Cube Apiaries can be monitored against hive theft and damage, in real-time Its features include Swarm Collection, mentoring of beginners, Hive records, Apiary Management, managing Pollination Services, and environmental observations allowing users to not only manage their hives through the app and QR Codes but analyse their data and plan through their web pages on a PC or tablet.

Related apps include pesticide monitoring through the non-Beekeeper app and Citizens Science recording through the Bystander app. Our Team are on hand to answer any question you may have by phone & via the app. With no adverts or in-app purchases and a support team contactable by phone and in-app.