Non Beekeeper

Commercial pesticide user, pest controller or groundsman?

Register as a non-Beekeeper to automatically notify those around you when you spray by
submitting an anonymous alert using our Red Tractor approved notification system. Personalised
reports of all pesticide treatments can be exported for reporting to meet the DEFRA (2006)
Pesticide Code of Practice.

Pesticide Management from your PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

  • Personalise pesticide active ingredientsproducts and tank mixes
  • Schedule and anonymously send pesticide treatments alerts
  • Manage plant protection products (ppp) and treatments
  • Pesticide ecotoxicity indication and analysis via link to Pesticide Property Database for each active ingredient
  • Export and Print personalised reports of all pesticide treatments
  • Pesticide treatment map and weather forecasts


  • Anonymously communicate treatments to beekeepers and bystanders.
  • Notify of what, when and where is being sprayed.
  • Accepted Farm Assurance communication method*. This delivers the DEFRA (2006) Pesticide Code of Practice for using ppp and the NFU Neighbourhood Initiative for sprayer operators.
  • Send swarm alerts
  • Track/record invasive/seasonal species of fauna and flora

Escalate information to any environmental organisation



* “Red Tractor is aware of Bee.Watch and the communication service offered for users of pesticides. Red Tractor requires their Crops and Fresh Produce assured members to give local beekeepers a minimum of 48 hours’ notice of their intention to apply a Plant Protection Product that is hazardous to bees. Red Tractor does not stipulate how farmers must do this and there are different ways in which they can. Red Tractor can confirm that using Bee.Watch would be one such acceptable way a farmer could demonstrate they meet the Red Tractor requirement.” Red Tractor 03.12.2018