Beekeeper - Apiary Management

Register as a Beekeeper on our Bee.Watch App and gain access to the most comprehensive multi-apiary management tools straight to your smartphone. Designed to enable you to carry out inspections, add new apiaries & record any treatments and to-dos all without paperwork, Bee.Watch is fast and easy to use.

Features of Beekeeper:

  • Record Apiary details – Set up new apiaries and delete old ones from the app or web page, manage pollination by moving existing individual hives to new apiaries and record whole apiary treatments
  • Scan our QR Codes for accurate hive records and history.
  • Report InspectionsColony Losses and record treatments of an entire apiary
  • Create To-Do lists and Message the Helpline from the app
  • Send and receive Swarm alerts without telephone calls (As a beekeeper who is an insured swarm collector you will get swarm alerts if you select this as an option when registering for Beekeeper)
  • IWAS request to receive a Bee Swarm from nearby collectors.
  • Receive mapped local pesticide treatment notifications from local pesticide users who are using the non-Beekeeper app
  • Export all data to an excel spreadsheet for bespoke analysis.
  • Track, Map and Report environmental observations including notifiable species such as Asian hornet or endangered species
  • Data is securely stored on an ISO27001-approved host.
  • Available in 10 Languages Including French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian & Welsh.

Membership cost is based according to the number of hives you own between 1-6, 7-50, 51-150 and 151+ hives.


Latest Update - Weather Recording 

As our climate becomes increasingly more volatile for our records to have true referential value they need to be put into climatic context. On each inspection, you can record the weather of the apiary which will be automatically added to your records.