About us

The company Is based in South Oxfordshire. Founded in 2017 under the uWatch trading name Bee.Watch was created due to the director’s avid interest in bees and currently keeps beehives on site.

Our Bee.Watch app was developed to become the most comprehensive apiary management system allowing users to not only manage their hives but report & collect swarms and keep track of pesticide use in their areas.

Working with the University of Hertfordshire we introduced Pesticide Ecotoxicity reports, which illustrate the impact of pesticides’ active ingredients on the surrounding flora and fauna via the traffic lights system. The associated alerts warn beekeepers of pending industrial use of pesticides. Research in 2019 received 2 alerts from BeeConnected, and 179 from Bee.Watch for the same local area.. The significant data we gathered showed that 50% of all local commercial treatments included Glyphosate.

In the same year following a colony collapse and the discovery it was caused by pesticides, we began working on a method to quickly seal hives when pesticide spraying was taking place. Our UD Intrance was developed and patented to mimic the entrance bees would create in the wild and it could be quickly closed during spray events. It quickly gathered a lot of attention and began being pre-installed in beehives by National Bee Supplies

Towards the end of 2019 Bee.Watch was approached by Andrew Soita of the Africa Apiculture Consortium (AAC) who explained the problems the African honey industry was having to break into world markets due to a lack of traceability. Working with the AAC we began working on ApiTrace to help resolve the issues raised and found in doing so we could also address 14 of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Bee.Watch products and apps are now being used by a range of users, from bee farmers to pest controllers, all data is securely stored on an ISO27001-approved host, the swarm management system does not publish swarm collectors’ contact details on the internet and pesticide notifications qualify users under their Red Tractor obligations.