Report a swarm

     To report to Leicestershire and Rutland Beekeepers Association click here

       To report to Canterbury Beekeepers Association click here 

     Report a Swarm

      Take a photo of the Honey Bee swarm and upload it.

      Enter your name, contact number & the swarm's location (postcode and address).

      Alternatively, download the “National Honey show Award-winning, free to use       Bystander appfrom the app stores, to report Swarms, Asian Hornets and other       invasive species, from your phone.


      What happens next?

     Local BeeWatch registered Swarm Collectors will receive these details and arrange       collection as soon as possible.  They may not need to call you.


      Wasps, not honeybees?

      Registered Bee.Watch pest controllers will also receive alerts and deal with wasps.

      The pest controller will contact you to establish if a callout is required.