Register as a Beekeeper on our Bee.Watch App and gain access to the most comprehensive multi-apiary management tools straight to your smartphone. Designed to enable you to carry out inspections, add new apiaries & record any treatments and to-dos all without paperwork, Bee.Watch is fast and easy to use.

Features of Beekeeper:

  • Record Apiary details – Set up new apiaries and delete old ones from the app or web page, manage pollination by moving existing individual hives to new apiaries and record whole apiary treatments
  • Scan our QR Codes for accurate hive records and history.
  • Report InspectionsTreatments and Colony Losses
  • Create To-Do lists and Message the Helpline from the app
  • Send and receive Swarm alerts without telephone calls (As a beekeeper who is an insured swarm collector you will get swarm alerts if you select this as an option when registering for Beekeeper)
  • Receive mapped local pesticide treatment notifications from local pesticide users who are using the non-Beekeeper app
  • Export all data to an excel spreadsheet for bespoke analysis.
  • Track, Map and Report environmental observations including notifiable species such as Asian hornet or endangered species
  • Data is securely stored on an ISO27001-approved host.
  • Available in 10 Languages Including French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Ukrainian & Welsh.

Membership cost is based according to the number of hives you own between 1-6, 7-50, 51-150 and 151+ hives.