UD Starter Kit
UD Starter Kit

UD Starter Kit

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The UD Starter Kit contains a 25mm Saw-toothed drill bit to drill the exact sized holes to install in Intrances, and convert your hive to the Upstairs Downstairs System!

The entrance size is critical for colony health, defence, and pest management.

• Provides a 360-degree outer entrance to repel Wasps and the Asian Hornet
• The Intrance creates a 7mm Bee Space to prevent entry by rodents and reptiles.
• Containing a series of bungs and vents to control the passage of air into the hive. Important as our climate becomes increasingly more erratic with colder winters. 
• Makes ‘Cold Way’ warm with all the benefits of storage and pollen collection.
• Simple method to close hives for transportation and hive treatments.
• Above all, the system is quick to install, easy to scale, and inexpensive

With the Starter kit you can upgrade further hives to the UD system with the purchase of additional Add-On kits. 

Technical Specifications
  • Contents: A 25mm Saw-toothed drill bit, 4 Bungs, 4 Vents, 4 baffles (Intrance component), 8 stainless steel screws, 1 screwdriver, Printed Instructions
  • Weight: 175g
  • Hive compatibility: Langstroth, National, Poly and all other single walled hives.
  • Baffle Intrance creates a 7mm BeeSpace
  • Intrance components (Bung, Vent, Baffle) made of injection moulded ABS
  • Packaging: contents enclosed within a reusable cardboard box