UD Bulk Kit
UD Bulk Kit

UD Bulk Kit

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The most cost-effective option for experienced Beekeepers to adopt the Upstairs Downstairs System at scale. The UD Bulk Kit contains 5 Add-On Kits to retroactively convert 5 hives to the Upstairs Downstairs system, at the most cost effective price!

The entrance size is critical for colony health, defence, and pest management.
• Provides a 360-degree outer entrance to repel Wasps and the Asian Hornet
• The Intrance creates a 7mm Bee Space to prevent entry by rodents and reptiles.
• Containing a series of bungs and vents to control the passage of air into the hive. Important as our climate becomes increasingly more erratic. 
• Makes ‘Cold Way’ warm with all the benefits of storage and pollen collection.
• Simple method to close hives for transportation and hive treatments.
• Above all, the system is quick to install, easy to scale, and inexpensive.


Bee Farmers! Want to adopt Upstairs Downstairs at scale? Contact us for a special discount. 

Technical Specifications
  • Contains 5 UD Add-On Kits.
  • Contents: 20 Bungs, 20 Vents, 20 Baffles, 40 Stainless Steel Screws, A screwdriver, and a set of printed instructions
  • Weight: 755g
  • Baffle Intrance creates a 7mm BeeSpace
  • Intrance components (Bung, Vent, Baffle) made of injection moulded ABS
  • Hive compatibility: Langstroth, National, Poly and all other single walled hives. 
  • Packaging: contents in enclosed in a reusable cardboard box & resealable Poly Bag