Beekeeper Apiary Management System

No charge

Register for the Bee.Watch App and gain access to the most comprehensive multi-apiary management tool, straight to your smartphone.

  • QR Codes turn each hive into a virtual unit, scanning gives access to an individual hive’s records.
  • A variety of inspection options are available, from quick to full.
  • Preset inspection templates encourage consistency in your observations whilst allowing unique observations, including pictures!
  • Record Apiary details – Set up new apiaries and manage existing ones, control pollination by moving existing individual hives to new apiaries and record whole apiary treatments.
  • Easily move from one hive to the next without trawling through menus.
  • Create To-Do lists.
  • Export all data to an Excel spreadsheet for bespoke analysis.
  • Available in any language and works anywhere in the world.
  • Submit inspections without network connectivity, records upload when you regain connection.
  • Integrated with the Swarm reporting system and environmental reporting feature.


Membership requires an annual subscription and is priced according to the number of hives you own between 1-6, 7-50, 51-150 and 151+ hives. Upon registering you will receive a PDF containing all your QR codes and 6 printed Credit Card QR Codes, anymore must be purchased separately.

Technical Specifications
  • Software: BeeWatch proprietary
  • App: Android and iPhone *called on apple
  • Accounts are accessible via desktop.
  • Data is securely stored on an ISO27001-approved host.
  • 12-month subscription begins on point of account creation. 
  • Following the purchase of your subscription , you will be provided with unique credentials that will give you access to your chosen application.