UD Bee Escape
UD Bee Escape
UD Bee Escape
UD Bee Escape

UD Bee Escape

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Extract honey from even the most aggressive colony easily with the UD Bee Escape.

Installing the escape and leaving the hive overnight will ensure a deserted super come morning and the honey is prime for extraction!

The UD Bee Escape Is inserted into an Intrance hole of a hives super, with a crown board between the brood and super. Bees will be able to ‘escape’ the hive by passing through the channel but are unable to re-enter.

3D printed using tough but flexible nylon filament, the escape was developed specifically to supplement the Upstairs Downstairs System. You will require the prior purchase of a starter kit to drill the Intrances.

The Bee Escape is modular and can be inverted to form a Wasp Trap! Starve a wasp nest by trapping all foragers within the trap hive.

3D print files available from Bee.Watch for anyone who has the capacity to print nylon.